About the company

«VITMINA» was set up and registered as a Limited Liability Company in Minsk in 1996.

Today «VITMINA» is a haulier and a trading enterprise, which is a full member of the Association of International Road Carriers BAMAP, an active member of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as a holder of the status of Authorized Economic Operator and Customs carrier.

We carry out international full truck load and groupage cargo transportation between the regions of the EU (Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, the Baltic states) and the CIS (Belarus, Russia).

We aim at continual environmental improvement and its pollution prevention in our work, using own motor vehicles complying with strict ecological standards Euro-5 and higher.

Another activity of our company today is the export of component parts for the production and repair of europallets.

Many years’ experience, qualified staff, as well as flexible price policy and an optimal combination of «price-quality» allowed us to get the reputation of a reliable, competent and punctual partner, who always fulfills the undertaken obligations!